Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Custom Shimano Hyperglide cassettes

Shimano's Hyperglide cassettes are designed with 'windows' that catch the chain and help
pull it onto the new cog. The cassettes are designed so that the windows are staggered, ie. the
windows on adjacent cogs are located so that the chain can come off one cog and move directly
onto the other. This makes for much faster shifting. This is one of the core concepts of the Hyperglide
system, and why everyone else has copied them.

Therefore, each cassette has a letter combination that is marked on each cog of that set. That designates
the cogs that are designed to work as a Hyperglide set.

If one swaps cogs and/or changes the stock Hyperglide configurations, the new cogs probably won't have their
windows in the optimal Hyperglide configuration. Therefore, one gets slower shifting, as the cassette may
have to make a 1/2 or almost full rotation before the chain will move to the next cog.

Our custom cassettes are built from stock Hyperglide cassettes, with only the end cogs changed.
This limits the slow-shifting problems.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hey everybody, we just started a Myspace account. Come visit us there. We would love to have all kinds of friends. Bike friends. Bike friendly friends. Bikes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Know your UPS shipping methods!

We are having a hard time getting online shoppers to choose the correct shipping method.
Unfortunately, our shopping cart doesn't give our customers clear choices during checkout.
Many are choosing costly UPS expedited services when UPS Ground service will get it there in the same amount of time. Here is a Time-In-Transit map for UPS Ground Service. There is a link to this map during the checkout process but most people are not looking at it.

Shimano Capreo items are in stock!

Attention all 'small wheel' enthusiasts - The Shimano Capreo hubs (32 and 36 hole) are back in stock. We have plenty of the matching 9-26t 9 speed cassettes. AND we have the cassette lockring tools in stock.